Collectively, our team brings more than 90 years of expertise in Planning, Designing, Installing, Maintaining and Marketing of Electronic Security Systems.


  • Risk analysis
  • Provide proposals to correct the areas of concern
  • Products:
    • CCTV systems
    • Access control systems
    • Intrusion detection systems
    • Fire detection (Various)
    • PA, Evacuation and Integration Platform systems
    • Maintenance contracts on all the above
  • Sourcing of suitable products to fit the client's needs
  • Provide an action plan for the project
  • Provide proposals to correct the areas of concern




We would like to introduce you to the top MegaPixel CCTV equipment currently available in the world: Quality, Compression, Frame rate and Price.
H264 provides:

  • Better Bandwidth Efficiency
  • Better Storage Utilization
  • Bit rate control to maintain desired bandwidth and storage size
  • Multi-streaming: up to 8 non-identical concurrent streams (different frame rate, resolution, quality)
  • Simultaneous streaming of full FOV and multiple ROI for forensic zooming.

MegaPixel cameras are available from 1.3MP to 40MP surround video. All products are standard with a 3-year warrantee worldwide.


We bring broadband connectivity to communities through a WiFi Mesh Network (creating a cloud of connectivity- much like a cellular cloud) to which township residents can connect with WiFi enabled cell phones, laptops and PDA's.

Additional benefits:

  • City Surveillance
  • GIS
  • Traffic Management
  • Criminal Intelligence
  • Police Case
  • Criminal Investigation

Against a background where the need for security for persons, businesses and institutions is high in the list of priorities, the use of precise modern information technology (IT) to avert risk and prosecute criminals is particularly important.



Rhyco Risk Projects are proud integrators. We do total integrations e.g. CCTV, Access Control, PA and Fire Systems etc. into a single Management System. This enables the user to work from a single or multiple Dashboards.

We assist our clients with the follow as part of our service:

  • Project Management
  • Site visits and quotations
  • Inspections
  • Connectivity with the networks
  • Maintenance and callouts
  • Liaising with Armed Response
  • Rentals
  • Invoicing
  • Investigations



Spectator Video Technology with its state-of-the-art Communication Platform (SCP) places you in control of your business and home, against a background where the need for security for persons, businesses and institutions are high on the list of priorities, and the use of precise modern information technology (IT) to avert risk and prosecute criminals are becoming increasingly important.

The need for a link to a control room led to the idea of using surveillance technology already existing for further action and investigation methods.

The objective is to have high quality live streaming video and audio from monitored premises - over a simple internet connection - available in the control room during a robbery or other criminal act, to be able on the basis of this information to assess the situation quickly and guarantee an efficient and effective follow-up.



Excellent price/quality rate

The extra wide panels (3 meters) in combination with our Zincalu coating, guarantees quality and longevity at an affordable rate. Excellent for long distance fencing.

Extra long lifetime

Betafence's coating technology is state of the art and guarantees extra long product life span. The Zincalu coating is ideal for high corrosive environments and require very little maintenance.


A solid Post-Panel-Post system and added horizontal reinforcements offers excellent rigidity.



  • 4x Covert Cameras
  • Modem / Router to external control room

Outdoor Units:

  • ANPR Camera Included